2012 Peter regularly accom-panies the improvised theatre show Theatral Suspects by Zarbi et Orbi. He continues to work regularly with The Improfession- als' two improvised theatre shows, Improflicks and Micetro as well as the Impro Academy Paris performance project. He does concerts with the trio Yoyoyoyo Band. The group Adjabel launches a new album entitled First. Peter runs singing workshops for actors with Florian Bartch. He does a mask project entitled Hooked with canadian improviser, Steve Jarand and The Improfessionals. Peter begins working on a new album with funk band, Urban Groove Unit. He does a duo with Bruce Sherfield at La Voix Est Libre festival. Peter becomes musical directer for NEW an improvised musical comedy, directed by Florian Bartch. He occasionally accompanies Improvised shows for Et Alors?.
2011 Peter begins a number of new collabor- ations, notably with singer and songwriter Benjamin Siksou, percussion group Bi Mousso, Kora player Cherif Cissoko, singer Diana Hamilton, the improvisation troup Zarbi et Orbi and the jazz trio Yoyoyoyo band. He also accompanies the IAP Project lead by Mark Jane. He does a number of solo performances including taking part in a concert in aid of La Voix et Libre Festival. Adjabel are invited to play with JP Nataf during the festival 11 Bouge. They go on tour in Corsica in October. Peter performes a duo with Dgiz in the autumn.

2010 Adjabel organises a number of charitable concerts and street events for victims of the earthquake in Haïti. In december they perform at the Black World Music Festival in Dakar. They do a short London tour including playing at the Nottinghill Carnaval. They also do a festival on l’ile de Groix in Brittany. The Improfessionals perform a mask show with canadian actor, Steve Jarand as well as their regular shows. They also organise periodic « micetro » improvisation matches. Peter performs at Jazz nomades la voix est libre festival with Médéric Collignon , Labyala Nosfell , Edward Perraud and the dancer Grégory Feurté . They also play at the MIMI festival on Les îles du Frioul off the coast of marseille. 
2009 Adjabel support Keziah Jones at Trabendo in Paris and they play at the Art Rock festival in St Brieux and at festivals in Mulhouse, Angers and Paris. The Improfessionals perform at Crea Muziekzaal in Amsterdam as well as their usual parisian venues.  2008 Peter goes to Portugal with Adjabel for the Ollin Kan International Festival. The group takes part in an amazing firework show at La Teste dans les Étoiles Festival with Patrick Auzier. They also play at the Ipswich art festival near London and in Perlé, Luxembourg. They bring the house down at the Africaphonie festival at Le Cabaret Sauvage in Paris.  Peter leads a quartet at Mens Alors Festival with Collignon, Poulsen and Gleizes. He looks into soundpainting with musicians from Surnaturel orchestra. He does several concerts with Harom Settin’ as well as his usual collaborations with Adjabel and Improfessionals and some solo concerts.
2007 sees the start of a new project with Peter Corser (alto and tenor saxophones, clarinet, la- mbis, flutes, percussion, objects, voice), Labyala Nosfell (voice, electro- nics), Médéric Collignon (cornet, handsonic, key- board, voice, electronics, objects) and Pierre Le Bourgeois (cello, electro- nics). Peter leads a quartet at Mens Alors Festival with Collignon, Poulsen and Gleizes. He looks into soundpainting with musicians from Surnaturel orchestra. He does several concerts with Harom Settin’ as well as his usual collaborations with Adjabel and Improfessionals and some solo concerts.
The quartet Duneberry with Peter Corser, Médéric Collignon (cornet, saxhorn, voix, electronics), Hasse Poulsen (guitar) and Philippe Gleizes (drums) plays for the first time at Point Ephémère in Paris, Sept. 2006. In october Peter plays with The Birmingham Improvisers Orchestra including Paul Dunmall (sax), Bruce Coates (sax), Trevor Lines (bass), Paul Rutherford (trombone), Mike Hurley (keyboard), Jamie Smith (guitar) and Roger Telford (drums) in Birmingham, England. Peter works regularly with The Improfessionals, a theatre improvisation group that combines theatre with music. In december Peter plays with singer and guitarist Nosfell and Pierre Lebourgeois (cello, bass) at Le Centre Pompidou, Paris.
January 2006 sees the start of the Blackberry Project with Peter Corser and Emiliano Turi at L'Olympic Café involving a series of 6 concerts with 12 different guests: Marc Baron (sax), Loic Blairon (cb), Denis Charolles (drums), Bruce Coates (sax), Gilles Coronado (guitar), Max Delpierre (guitar), Fred Gastard (sax), Pierre Lebourgeois (cello), Hasse Poulsen (guitar), Guillaume Roy (viola), Franck Smith (electronics) and Alain Vankenove (trumpet). Each concert consists of 2 trios, featuring a different guest each time. An improvised Big Band is performed at Lavoir Moderne Parisien in July bringing everybody together. A series of audio and video recordings documents the project.
Peter works regularly with Haan group Adjabel lead by Atissou Loko (percussion) with Gillian Mambo (percussion), Rico Kerridge (guitar) and previously Jackson Thélémaque (guitar). Peter recorded as a guest on singer and guitarist Nosfell's second album, Kalin Bla Lemsnit Dunfel Labyanit.
Peter's solo tenor saxophone album, 'Breathing Out', is released in the summer of 2004 on FMR records. In May 2005 he recorded a free improvisation CD with Frans Fuchs on double bass and Emiliano Turi on drums. In April he recorded a CD with Xavier Roux on electric and accoustic turntables, recently released on their new label. He has just finished a circular breathing CD masterclass for the US magazine 'Saxophone Journal', with Laurent David on electric bass and Bertrand Perrin on drums which will be included in the Nov/Dec 2005 edition. He is involved or has been involved with a number of theatre, dance, film and multi-média projects: Actress/dancer Claire-Monique Scherer's show, '100/2587 gestes jetés; Anne Niederstadt's and Periklis Douvitsas' Improvisations- werkstatt in Berlin; He worked with Michel Schick on the music for a short film based on the play Orgie by Pier Paolo Pasolini, directed by Gael Massé>; Actress Laetitia Angot's reading of 'Trés Grande Surface' by André Benchetrit; Photographer Patrick Bonnets slide show project 'Matière à la mémoire de Forme'; Graphic artist and film maker Jean-Louis Crudenaire's film, "Nuages en Compagnie"; Singer and designer Betina Betzers boobtibet project. He has played regularly with roots-rock group 'Adjabel'; with cellist, Pierre Lebourgeois and with singer and double bass player, Elise Dabrowski
In the summer of 2000 Peter wrote a lengthy composition in 9 parts, combining written ele- ments with long, open improvisations, presented live at l'Olympic CafParis, in November 2001 with Emmanuel Brunet on double bass and Bertrand Perrin on drums. In May 2002 they played at the 'Jazz Nomades' Festival, Paris. In March 2000 he recorded 7 jazz-based compositions entitled 'Circular Way', with Etienne Cauchemez on double bass and Clément Abraham on drums. The title track marked the beginning of an exploration into circular breathing. In 1998 he composed and produced 'Finding The Time', with Joel Gauvrit on piano, Stane Benveniste on double bass and Bertrand Perrin on drums. It included 8 compositions mixing jazz, funk and reggae elements. For 2 years Peter played regularly in Paris at Opus Jazz and Soul Club, China Club, Café Charbon, Bar les Couleurs, Dahlia Noir, Sunset, La Balle au Bond, L'Entrepôt, Le Pataquès Studio des Islettes, L'Apostrophe, Bar Antenne B, Les Trois Arts, Café Universel et Les Broches 'Ancienne.
Born and brought up in England, Peter arrived in France in 1995 and played in the streets and metro stations of Paris. He performed in the theatre show "Scenes Du Nouveau Monde", joined the jazz funk group 'La Cave' and from 1997 spent three years playing with 'Adjabel'. In 1994 he obtained a BA degree in Performing Arts, majoring in modern music at DeMontford University, Leicester, England. After leaving school at 18 he spent an influential six months in India. At 11 he began to play the clarinet and the guitar. Later, the piano and at 18, the tenor saxophone.